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16 March 10
10 March 10
Kate Bush

Kate Bush

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9 March 10
Kisses - Kisses
enjoy this electronic pop under the coming sun!

Kisses - Kisses

enjoy this electronic pop under the coming sun!

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Feminism, huh?

in this picture Louise Weiss

Being at an all women’s college forces you to think about your gender -whether you like it or not. To me, being a woman was important but did not imply so many issues before. I knew about the Suffragettes, the social revolutions that happened in the 1960s and the movements that are still fighting today against the oppressions of women.

But, by reading and talking about it these past weeks, I came to the conclusion that Feminism is very temporary as a whole because some issues like the right to vote has been obtained in many countries and doesn’t need to be debated anymore in these particular countries like France, England or Germany to quote a few.

So, why is this label still used to describe a totally different approach to women’s rights? Why do I have so many problems defining the term and why do I feel that I need to back up a little when talking about this concept? Maybe because it’s a very difficult subject to grasp. Obviously it’s not a simple matter. But, hey, it’s so interesting that I don’t give up with the attempt to find the perfect definition for it.

7 March 10

Long time no see, but still perfect.

6 March 10

Might as well share…

2010: Bygones - Spiritual Bankruptcy EP (math rock)

2010: Girls in the eighties - Teenage Royalty (noise pop, bedroom shoegaze)

2010: Best Coast - Something in the way (lo-fi, garage pop)

2010: The Radio Dept. - Clinging to a scheme (indie pop, shoegaze)

2010: Pit Er Pat - The Flexible Entertainer (indie rock, post-rock)

24 February 10


Beach House’s full set at la Route du Rock (Saint-Malo, France)

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(Submitted by Diane T.)


(Submitted by Diane T.)

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20 February 10

Active Child - She Was A Vision

Obsessed with this artist and this song these days.

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Oh, I haven’t posted anything for…

Oh, I haven’t posted anything for a long time… I don’t know if my computer will ever live again so I figured I would post from another computer. So, I discovered this American photographer recently -Lee Friedlander- who worked on daily life pictures, so-called “social pictures” and also made a lot of jazz record covers.

Lee Friedlander, New York City, 1966.

Lee Friedlander, Florida (with sexy eyes), 1963.


Lee Friedlander, Baltimore, 1968. 

I think he depicts pretty well what America looked like and the complexity to represent a population under a state or a city name. You can enjoy his art at the MoMA (there had been a retrospective of his work a few years ago) or the SFMoMA for instance.

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh